• 2018.08.15Game & Anime synchronized “Realtime Story” starts!

The “Realtime Story” that synchronizes the game and the anime started at 6pm today!

Toward the TV anime launch in October, the “Realtime Story”, which was written by Souki Tsukishima, moves the Ingress game timeline alongside the anime. The story follows the steps of the three main characters, Makoto, Sarah, and Jack, until the anime launch day.

Multiple story pieces are embedded in the Portals in various areas in the game “Ingress”. The Agents must collaborate with each other to find the pieces to complete the stories.

Collect the pieces correctly to see the passcode and input the code into the Intel Map or within the Ingress app. The stories that have been unlocked by the agents will be released on the anime’s official site. Each story will also be tracked by faction to see who unlocked them. Which faction can unlock more stories…?

The battle has started!
The released stories and updated rules will be announced by the official Twitter account @IngressAnime.

Before the TV anime launch in October, join the “Realtime Story” to enjoy more of the mysterious original story.

To play the game “Ingress”, please click here.
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