• 2018.07.07Key visuals (including the anime logo) released!

Revealed visuals include the leading character Makoto, who has a special ability in which he can read the memories of objects he touches, Jack, a mysterious man who is holding a gun, and behind these opposing men, Sarah, a woman who has lost her memory. The story begins from the scene where the hero Makoto meets Sarah during an investigation about an explosion in which the cause is unknown, and they are being chased by Jack, the mysterious man.

In the background, the green control fields created by the faction “Enlightened” and the blue control fields created by the faction “Resistance” are casted over various global landmarks.

Makoto, Sarah, and Jack become involved in the battle between the factions for the unknown material “Exotic Matter, XM”, which has been said to be affecting the human mind from ancient times. The truth is not always what it seems… The unpredictable story is now starting to reveal itself.